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Printing Unit ==============================================================


With 04 set 380 ft Printing Glass Top Table, printing section is capable of printing 25,000 pieces of garments. Our qualities are: Rubber, Pigment, Foil, Glitter, Plastisol, Flock print. To ensure proper curing, a fully computerized conveyor dryer, Auto serene binding and Hit press machine has been set up. We used all dyes and Chemical directly by Import or from Dysin.



Printing Unit's Machinery & Capacity


Item Name




1 Printing Glass Top Table 380ft 04 Set China
2 Table top Auto run Dryer 08 set   China
3 Printing manual Dryer 16 set   China
4 Conveyer belt Dryer (Electric) 01 set 20 ft Korean
5 Auto Heatpress Machine 03 set   China
6 Auto picker Heatseal Machine 02 set   Taiwan
7 Colour Mixer Machine 01 set   China
8 Weight scale 01 set   China
9 Flock Machine 03 set   Local
10 Manual round Label print Machine 01 set   Local
11 Sample Table 01 set   China

Total Manpower (One Shift)

120 Nos


Daily Production Capacity (Average)

25,000 Pcs.


Total Floor Space

12800 sft






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