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The new global economy dictates that all successful businesses are conducted in a socially responsible manner. Companies now see social accountability as a way to retain employees to win consumer and brand loyalty and ensure goodwill with the public and investors. But this is only feasible when we respect our commitment to everyone of our stakeholders, customers, consumers, suppliers, shareowners, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.
At Mitali Group sourcing we are committed to ethical business practices and strive to work with stakeholders who are willing to follow our lead. We firmly believe that our commitment to improve the working environment at our production facilities through a defined workplace code of conduct will ensure better moral resulting in quality production.
The team is looking forward to entertain every enquiry from interested companies and we are fully capable of fulfilling our customer's needs and we have listed some factories that has been maintaining a consistent production rate of a million pieces per month which can be doubled as per buyers need from different countries. Every order is highly attended and performed accordingly. We see ourselves so important in this buying and merchandising business that we consider ourselves as the extension of our buyers arm in ASIA.

Mitali Group of Industries is committed to proper business ethics and is operated following stringent code of honour. The multitude of initiatives that the Group has been nurturing under the able leadership of the Mananging Director is voluntary performed with the objective to enhance the quality of life of the mass in general.
In this regards the Group is operating a maternity center, orphanage, charitable dispensary, vocational training for the poor & challenged, general culture & educational activities, stipend for the poor & meritorious students, financial aid for poor women, small savings & cooperative activities, tree plantation, etc.


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