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  • Competitive sourcing and quality assurance
  • Own Manufacturing units
  • Solid infrastructure
  • Easy to entry into new sourcing markets
  • Continuous market information on prices, tariffs and legislations
  • Compliance and vendor certification
  • Domestic support for smaller importers in countries where we have liaison offices
  • Reduction in overall sourcicing costs
  • seamless supply chain management
  • Flexible retainer and scalable transaction-based pricing
  • Reduced cycle time for samples and production
  • Consulting services with comprehensive knowledge of global sourcing
  • Our own fashion design team
  • Offices in major importing countries like Germany,USA,Netherlands
  • Under the umbrella of a major garments manufacturer, Mitali Group

Mitali Group is committed to developing close ties with our customers through integrated services,cooperation and assistance,which translate into the highest stansarda in quality, delivery time and value.our hands-on and versatsile management approach allows us to monitor all the processes, from pre-assessments to shipping, in order to address and comply with all our customers'needs and expectations.

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