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The dyeing unit is housed in a prefabricated building having floor space of 26000sq.ft. The machines used are like Dilmenler, Fongs, Suntex which have modern software containing additional arrangement like reserve tank which help for both high temperature and low temperature dyeing. Our dyeing capacity is around 10 Tons. Each and every machine contain flow meter to maintain the proper usage of water. All machines are from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, China and Turkey. Dyeing unit exist both open and tube line facilities. The finishing capacity of tube line around 8 Tons (finished fabrics) and open line around 12-14 tons (finished fabrics), for more capacity of finishing unit protect from backlot of wet fabrics.

The dyes chemicals of dyeing unit are maintained Oekotex, Gots, ZDHC, Blue Sign that is essential to save environment as well as our next generation. All dyes and chemicals are Branded and imported by bonding that ensures the better quality and exceptionality. Our dyeing unit achieved an excellent performance in Detox comparatively another factories. We are also under the loop of Green Project WST ( Water Saving Technology ).
Our Lab section is well organized and ultramodern unit. It contains Spectrophotometer (Data Color 600TM) with master calibration after a certain time. A very exclusive testing zone exist here like Light fastness test and Perspiration test which are rare in Bangladesh. Again Pilling test, Wash test, Water fastness, rubbing test (Wet and Dry) and Shrinkage testing equipments make it a modern and effective testing zone. Electric Balance, Light Box are calibrated by master calibration.

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