Mitali Group


Meeting International Compliances ===============================================



Each individual customer also has his or her own unique compliance requirements in addition to the world standard. These additional requirements for vendors cover human rights and other ethical issues.
Mitali Group has implemented strict measures in maintaining these major international buyer's compliances as listed below:

  • Abiding by the laws of the country
  • Non-discrimination
  • Child labor
  • Forced Labor
  • Harassment & abuse
  • Health & safety issues
  • Wages & benefits
  • Work hours
  • Overtime



>> Health and Safety


Mitali Group is very much aware and careful about General Health; The Company has sufficient Drinking water supply, Sanitation facilities, Free Medical facilities and others facilities related to health.

Safety measures are also taken in the company in compliance with the industrial requirement. As per the ISO requirements, instructions and warning signs are posted in highly visible places and inside the factory in local language (Bangla). Management provides all types of Fire Safety System and Fire Drills are conducted regularly. All employees can evacuate the factory building within 1 - 2 minutes.



>> Working Environment


Mitali Group provides a work environment high above the law-required level for the employees. Clearly demarcated emergency routes and exits, smoke and fire detectors, consciously designed working lay-out ensure a safe work place for workers.

Cordial and friendly relation exists between the owners, management and workers of the group. Timely pay of salary, overtime and other allowances including two festival bonuses has built a strong loyalty amongst the employees of the group. Sincerity, Efficiency and Ability is of the employees honored with promotion, increment and other due diligence.

Child Care Centre, Female Prayer Space, Medical Centre, Wide Dining Space and all other necessary supporting facilities are provided to ensure a very pleasing working environment for all as well as to enrich the quality of production. The company ensured Own Stand by Generator to run full factory, Fire Protection System with two large stairs, Sufficient volume of water reservoir at under ground and overhead, Quality Electrical cable with Mitsubishi circuit breaker, Separate Toilet complex for male and female workers, Sufficient tube lights in all of working areas, Sufficient ventilation is provided by installing ceiling fans, and large windows. Factory premises are always kept neat and clean.

Working hours, wages and overtime pay is set in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the company. No involuntary labor is forced here and thus, in fact Mitali Group work place offers a congenial and supporting environment for all: managerial staffs and workers work in mutual cooperation and respect.



>> Recycling


Mitali Group assesses its ability to prevent and control harmful release of industrial waste into the environment. The Group established the ETP (Effluent treatment plant) and WTP (Water treatment plant). ETP is used for neutralize the water release from dyeing process and WTP used in the facility to re-use the water release from the ETP. The Group got the permission to release the water from the concern authority.

All chemicals and solids are disposed off as per procedure developed by the Group. The facility keep the records of all kind of chemicals used in the treatment plant and measurement of released water into the environment.



>> First AID and Medical Facilities


Mitali Group is very much aware and conscious about the general health of the employees. Mitali Group maintains adequate number of first aid boxes which are fully stocked by the first aid appliances. All first aid supplies are unlocked, available and accessible to all areas of the Group.



>> Workers Benefits & Labor Laws


Mital Group fully complies with the laws on workers wages. The workforce is our strength. Mitali Group abides by all the labor and industrial laws of the country, which are based on the recommendation of International Labor Organization (ILO). The factory never had any child labor and strictly follows the minimum wage guideline. Workers welfare, safety and working conditions are maintained as per international standards. A registered labor union is present to assist the management with the workers welfare aspects.

At Mitali Group we believe that above all, our business should be based on respect :

- Respect for the people we work with
- Respect for the customers we serve