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Mitali Group is a premiere garments manufacturing company in Bangladesh, excellent quality, superb management and a dedicated team of professional separates Mitali from the pack. Mitali Group, established in 2000 specializes in knit and fleece products, with future plans of getting into both Woven and Jeans products.

Garment sector has been a thriving export from Bangladesh for over two decades now Bangladesh has been constantly listed amongst the top ten exporters in the world. Mitali enjoys cordial business relationships with many of Europe's top apparel brands. Brands like ALDI, Walmart, Lidl,Amerella,Dresscue,Kappa and mango constantly positions Mitali in its top vendor list.

Mitali's factory is one of few factories in Bangladesh which enjoys Knitting, Dyeing,Finishing, Printing, Embroidery and Packaging in the same complex, which enable Mitali to maintain strong quality and supervision. The main value proposition of Mitali Group and Bangladesh is quality and cost effectiveness.

Mitali Group, has been established since 2000 and has rapidly become a major supplier of ready made garments from Bangladesh

Today, Mitali's success is a result of state of the art equipment and experienced personnel from the management team to the factory force. With a team of such quality Mitali is able to run a highly efficient and competitive production unit, enabling us to meet the industries continuous increasing standards and demands.





Our vision is to become a window through which all our interacting parties can see and feel their prospect and dream about their success. Mitali Group will become a lifestyle towards its employees, suppliers, buyers and above all shall become a role model of a green corporate house which will be regarded as an icon brand in the country.





Mitali Group will be known as an entity whose main driven force is its human resources. With such a motivated, high skilled and professional workforce, Mitali Group has started marching towards its glory of success which is not the profit but to enjoy the joy of life.



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